After Winning 3 Rings, LeBron James Reveals His Only Motivation

LeBron James accomplished a career-long goal in June, when he brought Cleveland its first major sports championship in 52 years. March Madness upsets and BUSTED” brackets NFL movers and shakers Possible return of Marshawn Beastmode” Lynch NBA and resting of healthy players Plus much more…. Fans yelling obscenities at NBA players and trying to goad them into a response — always while camera phones are recording — has become a thing.

Newly-minted NBA Finals MVP LeBron James is the subject of a lengthy feature in this week's issue of Sports Illustrated, and is on the vaunted magazine's cover for the 25th time. James, a native of nearby Akron, will begin his 14th NBA campaign Tuesday as the Cavaliers raise a championship banner at their 2016-17 season opener against New York.

For James, that means Tuesday starts an eight-month quest to return to the NBA Finals and defend the title. Born December 1984, James played high school basketball and even then the media predicted his future as an NBA superstar. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are sure bets to make the All-Star team.

Lebron has had a rare NBA career without major injuries because of great genetics but also because he realized how important his body is to perform at the highest level and he takes care of it like no one else does. He's not - you got to hear what I'm telling you; if you're going to be great on that field you've got to have a why!

My motivation,” James says, is this ghost I'm chasing. Even read more after so many years, these are still one of the sneakers that I MUST get, and I won't stop until I have them on my feet. James won rookie of the year and Boozer finished among the league leaders in rebounding.

When I was at the football game my old dude wasn't with me. I saw other kids with their father - I said that will never happen to me. I do what I do because my daughter says she's going to Harvard, it aint even about yall. Now he's chasing the ghost” of arguably the greatest player in NBA.

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